FB Rant

Okay… here’s a little rant since it’s official. I’m really frustrated with the “Share” option on Facebook.

No offense to you, or your friends friend but seriously, when I originally signed up for Facebook and sent a “friend request” to you, I did not want to see you share a thousand-and-one pictures of quotes, sayings, insults, what ever! I sent a friend request because I wanted to keep track of your life. Stay in touch. You know? Not see your emotions smothered all over my dashboard being described by a picture with a couple of words that aren’t yours.

What the Hell is wrong with people? People share more pictures that aren’t theirs on Facebook than they do updates. Here’s a tip: Got nothing better to do? Bored? Get the heck off the internet and go keep yourself busy! Like our parents would say; “Go play outside!”

I know I’m going to have people argue with me, but I don’t care. This is something that is just so silly! Sure it’s handy– sometimes. Like if you find an interesting article but if you’re going to share every picture from laugh.com or lol.com then post one and say “hey everybody check out the hilarious pictures on this website” and voilĂ , you just uncrowded mine and everybody elses Facebook dashboard.

Here’s another idea. Create an album of your favorite pictures. Update it when you’ve collected enough pictures to show off to others. But please stop!!


2 thoughts on “FB Rant

    • Thanks for your comment! And I’m borderline giving up on Facebook haha I barely log-on primarily for this reason and because there seems to be more pointless status updates about everything anything irrelevant to what ever. Once in a while is okay, but I don’t need to know every new adjective related to how bored you are, every hour of your bored day.

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