“How Can I Help?”

Say what?

Okay, so I’ve been wanting to do this question-a-day thing since I heard of it and I was trying to get people to send me questions I should be answering here, but that idea hasn’t been to welcomed, and then there’s this book. Yea, if you don’t know which book I’m talking about here’s a link to go back to that story. But anyhow, this book I expected all kinds of questions. Like when I first started the question was “Are you wearing socks?”, that’s funny, quirky, you can expand on how much you like or dislike socks, etc. However, this time the question, as you read in the topic line, is “How can I help?”. What can I say on less than 6 lines? I expected vague questions. Or thoughtless questions, but this one is so broad! So there you go. You get to suffer *insert crazy facial expression*

What or who am I exactly helping? That’s the question. If it’s what, I’m helping humanity in some way. Who could also be humanity or the environment or… oh my goodness this is difficult.

Okay, I’ll refer this question back to you. How can you help?


2 thoughts on ““How Can I Help?”

  1. I am a recovering addict/alcoholic. I help by going to treatment centers, prisons and the like and try to share my experience with overcoming addiction. It is not fun to relive my past but every once in a while someone “hears” something that gives them hope. I hope this helps! 🙂 love the post by the way….

    • That’s inspirational, thank you for sharing. I’m glad you’ve found it in yourself to get the help and then take initiative to help others through your journey in recovering.

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