Text Angst

Hey everybody,

Ever been the recipient of this before:

I’m sorry.

Hey “senders-of-these-ridiculously-unnecessary-multi-line-text-messages”, you do not, nay, should not need to send your texts like this. Ever!! With smartphones, or Blackberries, or all those other fancy new phones of today, you should not have to send an SMS or BBM like this.

Here’s some suggestive texting etiquette:

– If you have something to say that is all related to the same topic and as you’re typing and when you might generally retreat to using the “send” button try using a period and a space and continue your thought. We don’t need to see your thought process as you type. People don’t generally like having their phone vibrate a bazillion times becasue you keep sending annoying one line texts.

– Make it short and sweet, and don’t use “LE3T” speak or text like a kid with a speech problem.

And as we are already on the topic of pet peeves relating to texting here’s another one: single letter answers.

Yea, those things. Stop it!


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