Now Open: Follow-Up

Alright, so I managed to lure a friend, whom I graduated from university with, into the idea of opening shop/ a business, and just through texts she had mentioned a fantastic idea which actually makes more sense than I starting a business and potentially putting in all kinds of money just for it to fail. A nice starting position.

She’s fantastic and has done the home-based business thing years ago and I really do hope things do fall through, because this would be an awesome idea to put on our “portfolio”. We’ve gone with the idea of consignment, I’ll leave it at that until I know for sure this idea will actually fall through.

So yes, August 2nd we’ll be meeting at a little coffee shop called Remedy once I’m done work. I’m very excited that even though we’re only meeting for an hour, we’ll be able to brainstorm and see if this idea can actually work, whether we can both maintain a full-time job as well as a part-time business. Although some of the commitment involved for this small business isn’t much, we still need to be communicating frequently.  This ain’t no lemonade stand, so-to-speak.

I’m looking forward to even just brainstorming because this is one of those ideas I’ve always played with. Even if it was only a on-line based home-business, but this if it starts local can become more than just that! I’ll keep you guys posted.

Tell me, what’s on the top of your bucketlist?


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