My Experience In…

Interracial dating {or how about relationships?}.

I’m not here to brag or “bash” or degrade the whole idea. In fact, I’m completely for it! I mean, why should you care whether some person, a complete stranger, disapproves of who you choose to date or marry?

To make things clear. I’m Caucasian. I’m French-Canadian with a pinch of Métis and European blood running through me.

I can say for the last 7-ish years of my life I have been with men that have been brought up in different cultures, in a whole different environment, and over all on a different continent! All fantastic people and all with different opinions, but I’ve been known to be very open-minded and accepted their views and only argued when I felt it necessary to. I learned enough to say I have a broader view in my cultural and {some} religious environments. This was all very fascinating to me and the whole aspect of meeting new people. Therefore these relationships were very enlightening even if they didn’t last very long.

However, I didn’t realize that people were still open to verbalizing their disapproval to my relationship(s). In Fort McMurray, I don’t believe I ever heard one negative criticism on my whom I chose to date. However, when I moved to Edmonton, I got a crash course from even people that were my age and older still had an issue with interracial couples, and they weren’t shy about letting their friends know about it.

This is how I found out:

Within the first few weeks of my boyfriend and I starting to date, I was living in my university’s student residence and we decided to go across the street to Wendy’s to get a bite to eat. As we walk in a group of black males were sitting about and spotted us and one guy decided to raise his voice, slightly- keep in mind the room was very empty therefore it didn’t take very much for a person to hear him- and he said (to paraphrase), “That is why we are going extinct!” Basically accusing white girls of taking black men and birthing bi-racial children therefore developing a nation of non-100% black boys. I felt extremely hurt by this guys statement and tried to ignore him. My boyfriend did not hear this statement and when I told him he felt a little upset that he hadn’t.

In my opinion since that day it’s been: “Yes, we force men of other races to sleep with us and impregnate us with their seed therefore forcing the world to be “littered” with bi-racial children, and “exterminating” the purity of a race.” Not likely! And I’m sure anybody with a right mind will know that those guys were completely out of line and realize that the world is progressing into interracial coupling and there’s nothing anybody can do about it while the world continues to co-mingle.

Why is this concept so difficult to understand? Seriously, why should people judge who I or any other person decides to be with and take as their forever partner? When walking down the street with my boyfriend I still get the glare from older women that share only the same skin tone as my boyfriend. I can slightly understand why elders develop their negative judgements but do it behind closed doors! I don’t like walking down a crowded street with my man just to have an older woman or two glaring at me for who I’m with. It’s uncomfortable to the point where it makes me feel guilty. It can be slightly disheartening that I’m being made to feel uncomfortable in my own skin because it doesn’t match his.


2 thoughts on “My Experience In…

  1. Very interesting post! It seems to mirror my current dilemma. Seeing as how I haven’t made out my first post I think I’ll post about this very subject. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

    • Aw you’re welcome. I hope your dilemma works itself out and to your benefit 🙂 Please keep me updated on how things go!
      All the best,
      ~ Nym

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