Curve Appeal – To Whom?

So, I was frequenting a weight-loss forum today and I found a topic on “Shallow Men”. The original poster writes:

I have been overweight a good part of my life and I have noticed that men seem to be so shallow when it comes to a girl’s weight. It seems to me that as an overweight person I have such a hard time meeting men. I have decided to give up for now, until I get some more weight off, as I don’t want to deal with these shallow guys. Has anyone else experienced this or maybe you have a totally opposite experience with this. I thought as men got older it would not be so much the case, but it turns out that men in their 30s and 40s are still hung up on weight. I met this guy I liked last year. Thought he was different. But as we became closer friends, he told me if he was to date anyone, she would have to be like him…..not heavy. He told me any fat on a woman was “gross.” He turned out to be a jerk in more ways than this, so we are no longer friends, but this made me not want to even try to meet anyone until I am thinner.

I realize for the longest time with our feminist views and publicity and media; we can blame them for the males view of the female body. But at the same time, is it so wrong for men to have that kind of perspective on us? I’m not saying it’s right, but shouldn’t it be almost be a motivation to want to be healthy? I don’t think women should really be dramatic about the fact that men are judging us by our appearance. We judge them, don’t we?

I understand there are some circumstances which are unavoidable: health problems that result in unwanted weight gain, but at most times weight-gain is avoidable but women – people – aren’t doing anything about it!

Psychology Today did an article on how men think when they see a woman, something subconscious. Through observation. They don’t even realize their doing it! Here’s a quick “blurp” on what this article has to say:

Men “know” something significant about women’s bodies that women don’t. And it all has to do with nature’s mandate to produce children with the greatest array of survival skills…

American males, it has been calculated, spend some $3 billion a year to gaze at women with hourglass figures, those whose small waists blossom into sinuously curvy hips.

Men rate women as most attractive when they have a waist size that is 60 to 70 percent of their hip size, the late psychologist Devendra Singh found in a series of pioneering studies begun 20 years ago…

Eternal Curves article by Will Lassek, Steve Gaulin, Hara Estroff Marano, pub. July 03, 2012 

So you see, obviously there are the men who want to see women look like this:

Bianca's Blog

Although we know not every girl can achieve this, we want healthy looking bodies {don’t we?} and I think guys will appreciate a woman who is trying to achieve the healthiest they can be without looking sickly. Overweight bodies don’t always seem healthy. In fact the underlying issues will potentially result in things like obesity, Diabetes, and other health problems. So what is it?

Are men really being shallow or are we just being too sensitive?


4 thoughts on “Curve Appeal – To Whom?

  1. If I am shallow, Nym, I am diving into the deep end on this point. I can only speak for myself. I have been really told off in the past for commenting in real life on a woman’s beauty (see my post Women with Shotguns). I suppose I am a visual type of man who looks at beauty for beauty’s sake. I really find the Twiggy type of woman unreal and unhealthy. I am also not a fan of obesity. So if you are somewhere in between you are my kind of woman. (I am going to get in a lot of trouble now) 😉

    • Haha and most men are quite visual creatures, Ralph. So if you’re getting in trouble it’s not by me and any person who decides to comment on what you believe is beauty after I approve this message I will gladly let them have at you.
      ** PS to anybody who decides to retort on Ralph’s comment, please be nice, I will not approve messages that will do nothing but degrade a person because of their personal opinion. But if you have something to say, positive or negative, please feel free to say so, just use the right words 🙂

  2. This is just a drive by post but those “women” in that photo above look like photo shopped toothpicks. They are creepy looking but everywhere you turn media is telling us that this is what “women” are supposed to look like and this is what men are suppose to want. Yuck. Their legs look abnormally thin. If this is what men really want then humanity is doomed.

    • Phew, I’m glad this wasn’t an attack on the post haha
      I completely agree models make our lives so difficult by influencing women to believe that their figure-type is what men desire. Granted, some men do prefer this, just like some men like a woman in a size 22+ pant. But it definitely doesn’t aid in our {as women} personal development in being comfortable with ourselves. In the end, especially for young girls and young adult women, it could develop into something worst like the impression that this is how women are supposed to look therefore resulting in eating disorders that do nothing but make you sick and cause a lot of instability in your life.
      Thank you for your post.
      However, as a note, women who are naturally thin, you do look beautiful. This is not an attack on the genetics that made women to have those lovely curves. 🙂

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