Nomination Goes to…

I was truly blessed with a lovely comment the other day. Something I never thought I’d ever receive as a blogger, but it truly makes me feel very lucky as a mediocre blogger with a lot to a little to say about anything, I’ll be happy to receive this award and uphold and adhere to the rules that come with it 🙂

1. Thank the person that nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

A new follower has been amazing and sent me this lil award. ‘The Lift Blog’, filled with a lot of inspirational, uplifting words that help you through your day. You can check my nominator here.

2. Tell 7 things that most people may not know about you.

a. I work in an environment that is commonly known as “the basement”
b. I have a cat. Her name is Bast.
c. I used to work for Walmart before I went on to post-secondary education.
d. ‘Her Muse’ is my third or fourth blog; but I’m hoping this one will be able to transition as I grow.
e. I love water.
f. I believe nightmares are something that occur when your sub-conscience is trying to reveal a real life guilt.
g. I want to start a company where I can stay home all day and sew.

3. Nominate 7 bloggers and let them know about the nomination.

7 bloggers… do I even have 7 bloggers in mind? Let’s find out!

As Time Goes… Buy An interesting insight on fashion by a DIY fashinoista.
The Librarian Who Doesn’t Say ‘Shhh’ A teacher librarian who has an amazing way with words.
BornTwentyFive I love her writing, it’s very personal or about anything and everything.
Bluefish Way Ralph is a fantastic blogger who has a lot to say about everything. His sense of humor helps too 😉
Lady Romp An amazing blog of everything and anything that raises awareness of many things revolving the world and the women that live in it.
Grammaniac Fantastically humorous blog on how thoughtless  businesses and people can be when they are writing anything. This blog just makes people more aware that they to check their spelling before hitting the “print” button.
Muffin-Top Less A lovely little weight loss blog with a lot of tips & tricks on how to lose weight effectively and keep it off.

Once again thank you to ‘The Lift Blog’ for the nomination and I hope that this is only the beginning 🙂


2 thoughts on “Nomination Goes to…

    • Heehee Yes, water, the beloved H2Oh. I love everything about it. Swimming in it. Drinking it. Shower in it so many things I love about it!

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