Do You Understand?

I decided today, after walking by the “World FM” radio station on my way to work almost everyday for the last few months, that I’d listen to this station. I realize that when I saw the schedule for ‘South Asia’ programming that I’d have no clue what anybody was saying except for the English commercials of local happenings. So why would I put myself through, what some might consider as, torture? Every once in a while you might actually hear a really catchy tune. I don’t speak Hindi or Punjabi, but I do like some of the music that people from these countries produce, even if most of the time North Americans will only hear them in a Bollywood film or through the speakers of a taxi cab.

When I came back from my first round to collect files I came back to my desk to this song:

I know, some of you might not appreciate the music, but that’s fine, enjoy the dancing or don’t listen to it at all! It’s a Hindi song called “Mashallah”, which is an Arabic phrase for “God has willed it”. A very common phrase along with it’s counter-part “Inshallah”, which means “God willing”.

At the same time Hindi or Bollywood music isn’t the only exciting tunes I listen to, I also enjoy Latino sounds and French… Give me a good beat and I’ll listen, I’m not picky.

Tell me my lovelies, do you listen, watch or do something that’s a little out of the ordinary or is considered foreign to some but you  love it?


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