Baby Blanket Project

All right after the announcement of my boss’s soon-to-be first born {although she is now born as of August 19th}  I decided to make a lovely blanket to welcome Baby to the world. Of course, he and his wife decided that they did not want to know the sex of the child. No biggie. After a little research I decided on a neutral tone and with the help of my supervisor, she helped in the choosing of the colors of the material; ‘Party Animal Too 100% Cotton Fabric from Robert Kaufman’ and a dark turquoise minky fabric. Following the general guidelines from the post at Mama Stellato’s Simple Baby Blanket I made a very lovely little, slight lopped, blanket. Here’s my disclaimer. This is the first big project I’ve done in a long time! So I am impressed with the outcome even with the slight flaws that occurred during the hand-stitching at the end of the project. Next will be a lovely gift tag to top it all off, which will be Modge Podged and beautified!

I made a hole in the big toe in order to lace a ribbon through it and attach it to the blanket.

What’d you do this weekend?



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