Project Postcard

Phase I – Project Postcard

Baby Caribou Postcard

Aren’t they cute?

So, yesterday I checked the mailbox and lo and behold there were 5 sets of these lovely beauties in an envelope. My Canada Post order of prepaid postcards came in! I was very excited. So, when I came in to work today I filled out the back. Using the two addresses I was given using Post Crossing and filled them out with a pretty quote, one by Maya Angelou and another by an unknown author, about smiling or happiness. One card is going to Germany and the other is heading to Russia. But just to keep things the way I think they should be, I did not include a return address.

I have yet to receive a card 😦 But I look forward to the day I do receive and start my collection and then upload the beautiful pictures that will come with them.

I’m so excited!


I decided to set up for 2 more. With return addresses.

Orlando, Florida.



If you’re interested in sending me a postcard {which I would awesomely accept with open arms!} Check out my Project Postcard page!


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