Project Postcard

Slow Moving

Today has been such a dreary day. More slow. I’m a little drowsy. Would you believe it’s not even 8:30AM? {sigh}

I’ve been very active trying to get involved with this whole postcard thing, I’ve even started attempting to participate in something called “The Traveling Notebook” or TN, which sounds quite fun and eventually I’m thinking of starting my own.

People who want to host one sends out a note on this {Post Crossing} forum, but I’m sure anybody can start one anywhere, where people can line up and send notes saying they would like contribute. I don’t know how many notebook threads I’ve put forward but I’m hoping I’ll receive at least 2-3 in the next few months. Anyway, the host then grabs the addresses of all those from the “first-come-first-serve” line-up and sends the notebook out to the first person on the list. From there once the first person has received the notebook the recipient sends a message to the host and the host will provide a new address to the following person who will then fill out a number of allotted pages. This will continue down the line until the book has reached the last person on the list and that person would then send it back to the host. It provides people an outlook on the world without leaving their living room. Unfortunately, some circumstances have resulted in that package never coming back to the original host {for what ever reason}.

I’m hoping the package(s) reach me.

I’ve also mentioned to a few people who were hosting a different method. Some people look for sheets. Contributors will actually fill out a number of loose sheets of paper, and send it to the “host” where they’ve started a book of their own. It’s a nice way of keeping a small collection. I’m hoping by contributing to these things I can make exchanges for set of sheets for a postcard. Since that’s my ideal goal in the end.

Overall, I’m looking forward to the back and forth contributions. I’ve also accepted the task of TN of a home-schooling mom who has started one for their son so that he can “see” what the rest of the world is like. I love this idea! Traveling notebooks are a fantastic idea, you think of a theme and people can decorate their pages however they’d like. I’m so excited!


I have one more post-card to send, but I’ve yet to decide whether I should wait until there is a response to my others first before I send out the other… I need to eventually buy more postcards and a great big roll of stamps.

Happy Friday, every body 🙂


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