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My Weekend

While at the grocery store with my boyfriend we bumped into one of his buddies. Boyfriend told me he’d meet up with me later, so I continued to finish up the remainder of the shopping and came to find him once I was done. Once he had finished talking we made one more stop in an aisle and that’s when he starts to chuckle. “What’s funny?” I ask and he tells me that his friend asked him if I was pregnant. We laughed about this, since I knew I wasn’t, but it was more of an external epiphany. That moment when somebody has pointed out the fact that my pants have gotten snug and my activity level has decreased in the last few months. And as much as I love my ice cream and cake and cookies, I needed to do something soon before winter came and I tried to used that as my excuse for not doing anything.

As of today I’m starting a clean-eating habit, and this time I need to quit skimping. My mum bought me a food scale last week and I look forward to using it. I’ll be logging my items more thoroughly into Myfitnesspal and keeping track of my calories. I won’t be eating my exercise calories back and I’ll upping my water and green tea intake.

Baked Jollof Rice (Courtesy of

On another note, I make boyfriend a different meal every week for his lunch. Yesterday when I asked what he wanted he said he was craving something “African”. Of course, he being African this wouldn’t surprise me any. I had started combining my use of Pinterest, with my vast collection of recipes, and ChefTap to organize them as I want them to be found on the Galaxy Tablet, so when I pulled up some ideas for African or rice-like recipes, he spotted I had a nice traditional meal called Jollof. In this case it was a baked jollof, of course the last time I attempted to make this with a different recipe it turned out terrible. But as usual, he says “Good luck!” and goes on his merry way to do what ever he needed to get done. Here’s the recipe from The Whinery This recipe was actually really easy! And I only tweaked it a little. Earlier I had marinaded some beef cubes and after a few hours I boiled them. I made the jollof concoction and while it was in the oven I cut the cubes into smaller pieces. Once the jollof was ready I noticed the rice was “too soft”, so that was my chance to add the cubed cubes, stir the rice about and pop the rice back into the oven without a cover, lower the temperature on the oven and for about 10 minutes I let the rice cook more. After 10 minutes I stirred the rice around and put the rice back in the oven to allow for more “drying”, I had turned the temperature on the oven down to the lowest point and just left it there.

Upside Down Fruit Cake (Courtesy of Follow the Fruit Fly)

When boyfriend came home he was excited that the apartment smelled so good. Before he even tasted it it knew that I did it properly. I was excited that I managed to make and “so-called” difficult meal with such ease. I would highly recommend this recipe to anybody looking to try something new, and as for dessert I used the recipe from Follow the Fruit Fly: Upside Down Fruit Cake.


9 thoughts on “My Weekend

  1. hi dear, this is really nice !!! you really had a lot going !!! could you tell me how did you make such nice food ??? really i would love to know that !!! love rv.

    • Thank you for your comment. Both recipes were very easy, I’ve linked on the post. The rice: is a very easy method of making it, just follow the instructions to the letter and you’ll come out with a great result! And then fruit cake is very simple, the only appliance you really need is a blender to combine the dates and the shredded coconut, here’s the link:, I served the cake with some ice cream and my guy really enjoyed it. I hope this helps, if you need a more detailed aide feel free to contact me again.
      Have a blessed day 🙂

      • hi dear, thanks for this. i want to learn if i can make it for my mother. she will be happy. would you mind if i invite you to read my blog posts ??? looking forward for you.always. would be really happy to find you here. love rv.

      • It’s a very straight forward recipe, and if you’re to add meat, what you do is used beef, either steak or stewing cubes, let it marinade in the seasonings of your choice for about an hour and then boil it until fully cooked. Once you’ve let the meat cool slightly you cut into smaller, pieces that could sprinkled all over the dish. When you lift the foil to “fluff” the rice, you add the meat and put it back in the oven for a little bit to allow for some of the moisture in the rice to evaporate.
        Are you generally familiar with Jollof?
        I would be happy to look into your posts, I’ll take a look at them as soon as I can 🙂

      • Absolutely! The original recipe doesn’t call for meat, so in place you can add sweet peppers (red & green), but I wouldn’t recommend veggies like cauliflower or Brussels sprouts.

      • I don’t understand, but that’s fine, enjoy the recipe how you feel it should be enjoyed!

      • hi dear, i dont like the vegetables you told the food cant go with. but thanks dear for your help. cant wait to make it !!! just hope i make it right !!! love rv.

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