Project Postcard

Sent Postcards #1-6: Only the Beginning

Baby Caribou Postcard

# of cards sent: 4

Date sent: August 29, 2012

Sent to: Germany & Russia & Florida (USA) & Finland

Confirmed arrival:

Germany/ confirmed the arrival of my card. So estimating it takes a little under a week for a postcard to travel from Edmonton, Canada to Germany. I’m very excited as this opens up the option for me to start receiving postcards from others! Can’t wait to update this with more and prettier postcards :) The recipient also included a note, which, in return, made my day:

“Hello You,
thanks a lot, this postcard made my day!
Liebe Grüße / Best wishes from germany :-) “

Update!! 9/10/12

Oh my goodness everybody! My postcard to Finland has finally made it 🙂 Here’s the note included at the log-in


Update!! 9/17/12

Yay! It took 18 days but my postcard has finally reached Florida 🙂

“Thank you for your lovely postcard! Best wishes! Karen”

I’m so excited =D

Update!! 10/2/12

Hallelujah! My card to Russia has finally arrived 🙂 I was super worried that it wasn’t going to make it, but after nearly 2 months it has made it’s rightful appearance.

Date sent: September 4, 2012 to Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation

Date of Confirmed Arrival: 19 days later: September 23/201

Date sent: September 4, 2012  to Belgorodskaya oblast, Russia

Date of Confirmed Arrival: Received Sept. 20/12


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