Public Service Announcement

Sorry guys, I’m going to do a major blog overhaul!

With all the new ideas I’ve been coming up with, I need to start making my blog more multi-linked.

I’ll be divorcing ‘Project Postcard’ from Her Muse and making some adjustments. Please bear with me as I play with these ideas!

Thank you for you understanding!!

Love Nym 🙂

In the meantime enjoy this little red penguin I found on my way to work this morning.

Red penguin found on the sidewalk.



One thought on “Public Service Announcement

  1. Last year my class and I did a postcard project through the list serve. As the cards came in, each student got a chance to hold and read the card. Then we took the card to a large map in the hall and found the location on the map. We displayed the card at the side of the map and fastened a piece of yarn from the card to the map site. In cooperative groups, I had the children answer the post card with a post card of their own ( on paper). We then put up all the responses on a bulletin board and discussed each one as a class. We decided which things should be included in the final response and composed that response together on the blackboard. This gave me an opportunity to teach postcard format, local history, and main ideas/details with them. The final postcard was then written on a real card by a volunteer student. We usually got two or three cards a week, so several students got an opportunity to be the writer. Each card gave us a new discussion as we learned to answer the card with responses dictated by the card we received. By posting the maps in the hall, the whole school got to share in the fun and information we gathered. My students were very proud of the things they learned and the locations they had found on the map.

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