Project Postcard


Hello to all,

I’m a little excited/nervous/anxious all those adjectives that are relative to this new “project” semi related to “Project Postcards”. I’ve started submitted requests for penpals. Along with Traveling Notebooks (aka TN’s), but that’s another topic post. I’m very excited on the outcome, I have begun a friendship with a girl from Germany, the USA, and England. I’m hoping at least one of these people will be a friend on a long-term basis with sharing of fun exciting life news, little tokens and lots of other stuff in between. I wrote and sent out my letters this morning, we shall see how long it takes for one of them to reply, if they so decide.

I’ve also decided in order to keep track of the conversations and “relive” it, I’ve photocopied a copy of the letter I’m sending and I’ll be organizing each person in their own page protectors, most recent on the top. That way if my recipient refers to something I mentioned I can look back and reread my reference. Now to just head off to the Dollar Store and pick up a cute binder to store them all.

Very exciting stuff! I’ll keep you up to date đŸ™‚

Do you penpal?


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