Head my Warning!

{I should’ve taken a picture to solidify my argument}

A Letter to Book Gift-Givers

Dear Book Gift-Giver,

I know you mean really well, and the intention is well appreciated but do me one little favor. Do not write in the cover. I realize you’re being nice by writing the reason or holiday and the year you decided to give this gift, and the persons’ name and a quick greeting, but is it necessary? What makes you think that this person is really going to keep it after it’s read, if they even read it. It’s completely unnecessary. I have a cousin say that she likes it when people give books to her children that they write a little note, and I’ll excuse that. Children is one thing but when it’s an adult book, buy a nice bookmark or do a note-card and include it in the book, but don’t write on the inside of it. {My heart is getting tight while typing this.} The entire process just ruins the prettiness of the book. So, please, just don’t write in the book. Also another excusable time is when it’s a self-help book and you took additional notes.



Alright, that part’s over but needless to say, when I originally saw this book I was ecstatic! It was an illustrated version of ‘The Kite Runner’ by Khalad Hosseini. It was beautiful! Apart from the stain on the back of the book, it took my breath away and to top it off it was only $18.50 CAD. Awesome. So I ask the sales clerk to put the book on hold until I was on my home form work and would pick it up then. When I came in and picked it up, I took some more time and flipped through the pages and lo and behold there was a Christmas ’07 greeting in the first page on this awesome book. Gah! I was disgusted. I still bought the book because it was in good condition disregarding the dark thumbprint sized stain on the back, and for the price and the fact it was on my list “to-read”, I still felt really disappointed. At the same time as I walked home I thought “I wonder if I could get the author to sign this copy and then maybe it’ll over-rule the fact that it has a holiday greeting scribbled in it.” I have a feeling this really wouldn’t work and if years from now when this book could potentially be worth something it’ll be worth nothing because somebody scribbled in it. I was frustrated and this’ll probably be the last time I write anything about it until I decide to review it.

What’s your biggest pet-peeve when you buy a used item?


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