Project Postcard

Swap #1: Success!

Great news everybody!

Ever since I launched Postcards Anonymous I didn’t think I’d actually get a response from my international readers until today. I received my first postcard in the mail today from an awesome lady in Germany. She wrote me an awesome story on the verso, it was difficult to read but I pulled through, included the stub to a movie she attended earlier in the year.

I’m very excited that this lady was AMAZING enough to be make the first step. I’ll be sending her a response postcard next week when I get back to work (that’s where I left all my postcards 😦 )

Here’s the picture of the lovely card:

Postcard from Germany

I’m not sure where this postcard picture was taken, but it is very lovely.

Thank you kind person! Expect something in your mailbox in the near future =)


One thought on “Swap #1: Success!

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