Project Postcard

Received #2: Foxy Folklore

I was really excited to open my mail box to this!

My “cherry” has been “popped” in the form of my first Post Crossing

postcard. From Russia with love is all I think every time I see it. This awesome little folkloric picture is

pretty, too bad the potential story that’s written on the back is written in a language I cannot read.

Here’s what it says:

Can you “crack the code”?

A little help here guys? Sorry for the blur, but it’d be awesome to know what it says!

Thanks guys! I’m sure there will be more to come 🙂


2 thoughts on “Received #2: Foxy Folklore

  1. “What a wonderful song!” said the fox. “But I, Gingerbread Man, am old and hard of hearing. Sit down a minute on my snout and sing your song once more, loudly.”

    If you google image search “колобок” (gingerbread), you can find the whole story.

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