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Top 10 Tuesday: Top 10 Jobs I’d Like to Try for 1 Week

I know you guys are reading this and thinking “one week?”, yea, I know this might not seem like a long time, but in a week’s time you gain a better knowledge and fairly good grasp of whether you’re cut out for a position or not. I started thinking about this list when I walked by a local licensed chai café and they’ve been advertising for the month or so that they were looking for evening employees. I’ve been inside this place through slow times and peak rush hours and I don’t know how I’d handle the stress or the memorization of different drink recipes but that’s why I would handle the challenge in stride. Alright, without further ado here’s this weeks list:

Barista: I don’t know is this kind of falls in the line of a server or waitress, which will also be added to my list, but there’s so much to remember as soon as you start your shift. I’m sure once you get into the swing of things the shift could go quickly.

Server or Waitress: I told you it’d get thrown on the list. Maybe for a swanky restaurant?

HR Recruiter: I’d probably do a terrible job at this {only because I’m too true and have an opinion of my own..}

Video Game Tester: sitting in front of a computer or television for an extended period of time? Sure why not?

Radio Host: C’mon! Who wouldn’t want to try to being a radio person almost not seen but heard by hundreds!

Postal Worker: Who doesn’t love the whole “Through wind, rain and snow” motto?

Professional Blogger: Well, this is a good step in the right direction, right?

Traveling Photographer (or freelance wild life photographer): This would be so cool! Traveling the world and taking pictures for companies like National Geogrpahics and Lonely Planet. Although this might be a job I’d like to try for longer than a week 😉

Interior Design: I love the idea of putting colors, textures and patterns together and seeing if they would work in a room. However, I think I’d have an issue with working under somebody else’s expectations 🙂

Professional Book Critic or Reviewer: This one I think out of my list I would want to do most, next to professional blogger.

Tell me my friends, what did you want to be when you were growing up?


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