Today is potentially what people would consider “the first day of snow” in Edmonton, Alberta, and possibly a few other areas. Friends in Ontario were announcing the arrival last week and I had seen specks of the white-stuff when I went camping over the weekend. However, that being said it’s the second week of October and for the past few years snow has been quite sporadic in it’s appearance at the beginning of the season, but we know it’s coming.

This whole fact is undeniable. Just like we know that sandals can be worn in June, but October is a really weird season-month. It’s that point where people go into a denial phase because they really don’t want to admit that their toes are turning a tinge of blue while wearing flip-flops and shorts first thing in the morning when it’s 0 degrees Celsius outside. They might not complain and if they do you have full permission to discuss their insensible attire they have chosen for the day. Needless to say until the white-stuff comes, people will try to push the boundaries of proper footwear and garments to the limit.

Wearing hoodies and shorts is the norm around this time of year. The warmth on top and chill on the bottom. It’s strange. By my standards a “faux pas”. But what do I know, like I’ve stated in the past, I am no fashionista by any measure. But that doesn’t mean I can’t judge you for the fact that even after decades of people saying it you’re still wearing socks in your sandals.

Needless to say between here to where ever my friends list spreads I’ve had more than your fair share of outcries of the arrival of Father Winter. SNOW! Yea, that’s right, you were expecting the Tooth Fairy? C’mon! It’s amazing how it just seems to hit people that “duh! it’s October” Now every body’s scrambling to find a pair of cotton gloves and grunting at the fact that they have to wear a sturdier shoe and change them when they reach their destination.

I mean, not everybody is like this. I’ve had friends since September saying they couldn’t wait for snow. They couldn’t wait to participate in the winter fun-times of skiing and snowboarding.

I don’t mind snow. I think it tells me even though with all the eco-problems the world is going through, our end of the hemisphere is still slightly on track with seasonal-expectancy. But we’ll see what the rest of the day brings. Right now it’s a “melt-on-impact” day, I hope the stuff gets colder so I can take a nice picture of what we look like when it’s snowing in October.



One thought on “Seasonal-Denial

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