Step Up

I just finished watching the movie Step Up 3D, and I’ll admit I’ve always had a thing for movies that revolved around dance and dancing

techniques. I suppose I can say my first dance related movie would be Dirty Dancing starring Patrick Swayze. Every time I hear those songs from the soundtrack I always wind up singing and dancing afterwards. It’s like this intense urge to do something musical. Next would be Save the Last Dance which introduced me to the more hip-hop, R&B and ballet-styles of dance. The way people let loose and just wind up swinging their hips to what ever rhythm is on the stereo.

I understand that I’m sure any movie with a catchy tune might get anybody up on their feet and start to get “jiggy with it”, but it takes and intense soulful desire to want to immediately get involved in any dance class offered because you love the moves that you saw on that movie. {I know I’m that kind of person} Before I hurt my knee a few years ago I’m sure if I had actually done all these things a long time ago there might’ve been a chance for me to do these dances. To compete in underground and legit competitions.

Right now I’m trying to focus on levitating myself without being held up by the wall. It’s an extremely difficult yoga pose as I have no real upper body strength and my middle is it’s own equator. I’m not as big a girl as I once was, but I never was able to do handstands. So right now walking up the wall with my feet is the best I can do for the time being. Eventually something like this:

A girl can dream, right?


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