Project Postcard

Snail Mail

Here’s my very exciting moment!

I opened my mailbox and found these!

I was so freaken excited because they were all for me! Four individual letters from different people from different part of the world! I was very excited and my hand was completely cramped after answering them. But overall it was the most exciting part of my evening. Considering one of them included this guy:

It’s a traveling notebook. The host lives in Finland and I was second on the list, the first person lives in Kansas. So it’s not very thick, but I was happy to contribute in some way 🙂

But anyway, I have to go fill up my new water and then get back to work 🙂

Plastic Cup; I own the clear one!

Plastic Cup; I own the clear one!


5 thoughts on “Snail Mail

  1. Today is my birthday! This past year has been a beautiful and tremendous transformation for me. In the spirit of gratitude for all the gifts that have shown up in my life I want to pay it forward. One of the commitments I made to myself this year was to honor connection more. That means more phone calls and writing letters. I don’t know about you but I feel like I am being swallowed sometimes by social media as it becomes more and more prominent in my life. So in an effort to connect with new friends and reconnect with old I want to spend more time truly communicating with others, not just on their Facebook walls. In celebration of my birthday this week I would like to send anyone who comments here a hand written postcard. If you would like to hear from me via snail mail please comment below AND email me your snail mail address to celwyss (at) I promise I will not use your information for anything other than to send you a postcard! I very much respect your privacy.

    • Happy birthday to you! Well, unfortunately I don’t know how legit of a comment this is. But it you do want to send me a postcard you may find my address on my sister blog: Thanks!

    • Yes, I’ve been getting pretty excited lately for all the letters I’ve been receiving in the mail. After I had made this post I came home to find another traveling notebook in the mail. I’m the first person on the list to put something in it, which is very intimidating because I need to set the precedent for the next person I send the book to.

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