Project Postcard

Traveling Notebook #1 – From Finland

Hellu everybody,

I don’t know if I ever told you that long with penpals and postcards, I also signed up to participate in several traveling notebooks. What’s a traveling notebook, you ask, well here’s a definition from the PostCrossing Forum:

I read in a message : There’s no real theme to the notebook – just tell me about yourself, your life, your country… whatever you feel like!I’d like everyone to add stickers, drawings, pictures, postcards, etc. to their pages. Each person will recieve the notebook once and then send it on to the next person, until it comes back to me.

I finally received my first notebook, it’s not as full because I was only the 2nd person and things are already being misplaced!

The person who was ahead of me included a coin from the Pioneer Trails and now I feel bad because I thought I had included it in the new envelope but now I seem to have lost it. I wound up including a sticky note saying that once I find it I will send it to the host of the book. {I hope I find it}.

Traveling Notebook!

The green portion was the book itself and the colorful border is pictures that are protruding from the envelope. Which is all fine 🙂

I wound up including a nice picture I saw of the skyline of Edmonton, since I don’t have any of my own.

I might have to start printing some off =S

I’m now sending it on it’s journey to Portugal. Safe flight, little book!


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