Project Postcard

Sent #19 – Another Moose

Hello fellow Post Crossers and nomads of the like,

here’s another big guy, he’s an 11 pointer, so a hunter’s dream! 😉

This guy’s going to be heading out to Russia. I know, not getting exciting anymore sending

a large portion of my cards in that direction 😛 kidding!

Unfortunately I have nothing to announce at this point.. I still haven’t started filling out the 2nd traveling notebook (TN) I received last week. But all in due time, I still have another week before I need to send it out. However, on that note, I did find the missing Pioneer Trail coin from the first TN that I did, it managed to lodge itself in the crease of my day timer, so I’ll be eventually sending out a message to the host requesting an address.

But that’s all for now!

Happy Post-Xing 🙂


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