Go me!

My department group was hosting a Bingo to try to involve everybody since the departments are spread through 2 cities and a couple of buildings that it was interesting, and being a contractor, it has not been easy to be involved. My supervisor was awesome and let me play anyway, my boss wasn’t playing so I used his card. Bingo dabber in hand I waited for my first set of numbers. Every day my supervisor (cue, my supervisor and boss are not the same person, just an FYI) would forward the new numbers and when, woohoo go me, I get two squares. I scan a copy of the board that I got my Bingo and sent it to the hostess of the game. In return I get.. nothing after a few weeks.

After I found out the Bingo games were over, there were 3 or 4, I asked, a little insulted, why I hadn’t received my prize. I obviously wasn’t expecting much but I still wanted it 😀 My supervisor tells me to email her and she would ask the hostess of the game where my prize is. After a few days I get a reply in the form of a forwarded email saying that she was waiting for my supervisor to go to Calgary for a hosted event and would give it to her then. Alas once she found out my supervisor wasn’t going, she was just going to send it via Inter-office mail {I love being considered an equal :)}

So guess what came in today!!!



I’m really excited because I rarely ever eat at this restaurant since it’s a little pricey. Well, that’s $25 saved.

Happy Hump-day everybody!


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