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Swap Sent #2 & More Cards!

Yesterday I received a message from another Postcrossing member requesting a swap. They pointed out they wanted the cowboy card that I had previously sent to somebody, whether it’s that same somebody or not, I never checked. In exchange I told him/her that I had to ideal preference that as long as it wasn’t one I already had I would be content.

Wild Alberta

So, after heading over to my usual pick-up spot (Dollarama) I came to find out they no longer had their postcard. I was upset, but I then remembered that there was a little corner booth down the mall that also carried postcards, I was excited to see that they had the one I was looking for. I’m still hoping this is the right one.. If not, I’m screwed. Either way we will each have a new postcard to add to our collection, even if he/she winds asking for another and at that point I’ll have to be honest and tell him/her that I am unable to get the other cowboy postcard he was looking for 😦 So this one will go to the Netherlands…

In other news, while I was at this little shoppe I bought a few more cards. For $.95 each I almost couldn’t refuse. So I bought one of each that I didn’t already have or had sent out in the past, resulting in this:


Yay! Kid in a candy store 😀

Happy Postcarding 🙂



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