November is NaBloPoMo

It sounds a little foreign… I almost feel like I’m saying it in some Asian accent – no offence. But anyway, I’ve decided in spite of my reluctance that I will participate in this little competition. It’s kind of exciting. I don’t know what I’ll attribute from participating but it’ll help with broadening my thoughts and pre-planning. Because I generally don’t post anything on weekends, so this may be my opportunity to come up with 2 posts for an entire weekend allowing me think up what I will discuss on Monday.

Whew, my brain is already feeling a little out of it.

That’s okay. It’s Thursday, and better yet it’s snowing!

I will definitely take pictures after work. The white stuff is pretty. I love the first big snow fall of the year. Just after Halloween. Nice.

So yes, consider me an official contributor to National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo), yay me!

All support will be greatly appreciated as I attack this project head-on 🙂


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