Project Postcard

Sent Postcard #18 – Muttart Conservatory

I try to accomodate as much as possible to what people may be looking for in

their postcards. So as much as the recipient of this card wanted “historical buildings”,

I just don’t have this. So they’ll have to understand when I send a postcard of the Muttart Conservatory.

A quick little wiki about:

The Muttart Conservatory is a botanical garden located in the North Saskatchewan river valley, across from downtown Edmonton. One of the most well-known landmarks of Edmonton, the conservatory consists of four glass, pyramid-shaped structures that showcase plants from arid, tropical, and temperate climates, providing a welcome oasis of warmth during winter. The fourth pyramid hosts a theme that changes throughout the year.

The Temperate Pyramid houses plants typical of temperate climes, from such zones as the southern Great Lakes, Australia, and even the mountainous areas of Asia. Near the entrance and fed by a stream is a bog area, with white water lilies and parrot’s feather. The bog merges into a woodland with mostly eastern deciduous trees and low shrubs but including redwoods, cedars and pampas grass. Eucalyptus trees and flowering shrubs complement the Australian section. In the woodland floor and alpine section are many tiny flowering plants, some native to Alberta and others from all over the world. Carefully controlled environmental conditions allow the plants to go dormant in winter and burst into spring growth of green leaves and colourful blooms.



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