Saturday; & My Pet Monster

Alright, I’m trying really hard to keep up with this month. I don’t even know if I’ve posted something every day this month. Everything’s started meshing into one big day instead of a whole month.

I’m sitting here in front of my barely-together laptop and transferring all the recipes I’ve collected over the last year or so…

Chucky! Do you know what day it is?

Yea! Christmas!

Ya! Ya! Ya! {uh, no}

Christmas came early.

Anyway back to my regular scheduled post…

And putting them on a website called “Pepperplate”, which is accessible through an Android app and all this fun stuff. It’s super time-consuming compared to when I used ChefTap. Hopefully it’ll get easier after a while, considering there are over 300 recipes in my collection.

Along with procrastinating to do dishes, I’m watching Cartoon Network Retro and right now the show that’s playing is My Pet Monster. Very strange show. I guess I should go do dishes until the show is over.

What are you doing this weekend?


5 thoughts on “Saturday; & My Pet Monster

  1. Hi Nym. What am I doing this weekend. Not a lot really. I had a satellite dish installed, drafted my Spanish Will, wrote a couple of posts, fed the cats. Happy Sunday Nym Hugs Ralph x

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