Why I Run…

I’ve been an avid follower of, Adrian is a fantastic person and somewhere I believe we share a very similar goal in life. She, however, achieved it so much faster than I could ever had, but nothing’s stopping me from continuing to achieve my goal of looking good. There’s a lot of things I hope to achieve in the span of my life and I hope that in the new year I’ll be participating in organized running events that will only make things even better I’ll become even healthier.

Since I don’t have many people I can turn to for running help, tips and tricks, I can only rely on what the internet has to offer. was my

go-to place when I started becoming interested in running back in 2011. I used their guideline and transferred it on to a calendar on my desktop. Set up alerts and reminders and had my music to pump me up. It was a great feeling when I was able to catch a second wind to keep me motivated.

I’m still working on achieving a personal goal of keeping myself motivated in running. I have a weak knee and one day I will take the time to see a therapist, but sometimes after I’ve popped it, it takes me a little time to get back up and running again. But even if I do stop for a

Go run!

day, week, or month, I still have this constant urge to just go! I love running. I love the feeling it gives me.

I love that state I get when I figured out how to prevent a certain pain or when I’ve managed to push myself a little further than I did yesterday or months before. I build up this weird amount of confidence. I finally figure out the best playlist that keeps me going. I love the feeling when it’s a great day when the weather isn’t too cool or too hot. When I’ve finished a run and I don’t feel like passing out from exhaustion. I feel good knowing that I will want to go back out the next day.

Mornings. I love morning runs. 7 or 8 A.M. I seem to achieve the best feeling. The traffic is minimal. I don’t feel as self-conscience. Even the paths seem emptier. I enjoy trail running. I feel like I burn more energy or feel freer and become more energized when I’m with nature. You can’t get a greater feeling than that.

I had a friend tag me in a picture she posted once-upon-a-time and I felt thrilled because it basically defined my very being for why I ever did what I did:

But before I share, I’d like you to share with me What do you do because you’re passionate about it?



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