NaBloPoMo / Work

Winter Wonderland

So we had a really decent snowstorm last week and as much as this picture doesn’t look like much, let me explain. The day was like any other, a lot of hazards that every driver seems to forget about during the first winter. Which is ridiculous, unless you’ve never driven in snow before, but even then! Get yourself signed up for a winter defensive driving course, or something! But anyway, around 10 a.m. there was an alarm that went off in the building I work in {which is the big brown one you see in the top right hand corner of this picture}, and every body was forced outside to be told on our way out that this was a drill. {Oh, yay}

I bumped into the maintenance guy and he says “Yea, well, we were going to have yesterday, but we figured we’d wait because of you..” {Thanks man, lotsa love} So I was going to crowd outside like every other employee had, but I chose that day to wear my high-heeled boots, so standing in the wet snow just wasn’t going to fly. I wound up walking over to the building down the street. My supervisor is working out of that building with another project for a little while and I was going to ask her if I can go home early {sneaky, sneaky}, needless to say I must of missed her on my way in because I was told once I got to her office that she had just stepped out to go to a meeting {darn}.

I wound up having a nice conversation with somebody my supervisor gets to work with daily and we talked and what ever and we than started looking out the window. That’s when I saw this *points at the picture*, I laughed and than remembered that it was “take your teen to work” day, or something along those lines, so I assumed a large portion of the people who were in the process of taking advantage of the new, white, sticky stuff were young adults and maybe some well-dressed employees playing in the snow.  But they did this for about 15 minutes until we got the go-ahead to come back in the building. I snapped this photo to remember that we’re all young at heart, sometimes it just takes boredom to let it shine.

I had forgotten to take a picture of the semi-finished projects. Some of these snowmen wound being at least six feet tall. I was super impressed that anybody was able to lift those balls of snow. But it was fun to watch from the sixth floor of the adjacent building.

How would/did you enjoy the first snow fall in your area?


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