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Talent or Talent-less?

So lately I’ve been playing around with what I once considered to be good things about me. And between the interview I had last week which included the question, “What specialties could you bring to this position?” or “Describe yourself in a single word” {it wound up being several adjectives that he was looking for but that’s something else}, and then there’s my guy who’s saying, “You can’t sing!”.

Adjectives of Me

Sure, perhaps I’m not overly clever, and my drawing technique certainly needs some work… Not everybody sounds perfect. I’m 23 years old and I’ve never had vocal training. It almost makes me wonder if I can even sing. Maybe I’m just good at thinking I sound good. I can’t hit certain pitches, but I can keep up, I’m not a Christina Aguilera or Alicia Keys, but there are some of their songs that I can stay in tune with. I can modify my own tone so that I’m not putting a strain on my vocals.

Like I said maybe I’m delusional.

Do you have a knack or talent for something (or think you do) even though others believe you don’t?


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