Notarized Tragedies

Another Facebook rant…

Yes, it’s no better than all others but today just seems to put me in a state of “confuzzlement” considering what I’ve been witnessing.

Yesterday, I discussed how Facebook is just the place where the majority of my friends use their updates to complain about something or another; traffic, weather,  life, living. Now today’s news involves cheaters.

I realize that life is full of cheats, cheatings and cheaters, but when you spend your time updating, uploading and disclosing what happens behind the closed doors of your home than you are no better than the person you’re defaming.

One person uploaded a video of a now-ex girlfriend admitting her disloyalty and he thanks God for the truth coming out and she no longer being in his life. Did she even know he was recording all this? I almost feel like she didn’t. Needless to say, she said she was sorry because of the time she spent with an ex, she expected a form of consolment instead it lead to them sleeping together. She did wrong, but could he be in any better position by uploading this video for his friends to view and comment on her infidelity? He insults her and uses the term {to paraphrase} “you cannot turn a hoe into a houswife”. It’s not right. Continuing to another next example.

A grade school friend of mine was engaged to a guy she’s known for a long time. Unfortunately, her fiancé screwed up and wound up spending more time with a different girl. He lied to his now ex-fiancé about his working schedule and spent the lied time lying. I think my friend was drunk when she texted her updates but what seems like she was quoting texts ex-he and his “fling” were sharing and the pictures and vulgarity and the flings obsessiveness with adultery with multiple partners. It was all quite vulgar and I won’t go much into it, but is she any better than he? Yea, he cheats on her and she’s venting online, publically, but isn’t grade school, high school and post-secondary the reason we make friends? {No, but not the point} We have phones and friends, why not call a person you can confide in and disclose your misery with?

I still wonder why I bother lingering on this website, since all I get is overwhelmed with peoples tragedies, with very few positive outcomes. The misery of life yet we can  all see, read and hear about it. It’s like one big rumor but the person who started it is the victim. An endless obssessiveness over personal news and victimization.

I’ve noticed a lot of people have made themselves out to be the victims of their own dismise. Is your life really all that bad?


3 thoughts on “Notarized Tragedies

  1. And I meant to add, that if we could all just try never to click on these demeaning sites, their use and advertising would dry up, they’d slip down in the search results and affect fewer and fewer people. The audience perpetuates them.

  2. I sincerely wish we could all just turn away from all of the sensational websites that prey on people and their misery, provide a platform for slander, libel and lewdness and lower us all to a lesser kind of existence by dirtying us up with this stuff. As you say, an endless obsessiveness with personal news and victimization . . . and worse! I hope I never click on one!

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