If There Ever Was…

Picture from Mashable

Before I read, on “Appy Geek”, that Windows Live Messenger and Skype were merging, I was already playing with the idea of quitting this Facebook nonsense. Perhaps this is another Facebook rant, or maybe it’s not. I haven’t decided on how this whole thing is going to end.

Back to the point, I was trying to think of how I can still enjoy the moments my friends and family from Facebook were sharing without flipping through the stupidity of ‘”like” this and save a puppy’ or ‘if I get 10,000 “likes” I get to meet Justin Bieber’, these dumb ads are nothing but Facebook junk-mail.

So, I was thinking, what if Flickr {aka Yahoo} bought out Facebook? Or what if all photos that were uploaded onto Facebook were uploaded to a third-party online photo storage like Flickr, Photobucket, Picassa, etc. that way you just sign up and can view, comment, “like” and people who are still playing on Facebook can view everything as well without needing to log-on to the third-party website, there would also be a connection between the two sites so, if you say “You’re baby is adorable” on website one, the original poster (OP) will see it on Facebook and can respond with “I know, right?” and you’ll see it back on website one.

One point access.

What do you think? Should somebody come up with something like this?


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