Project Postcard

Received #29-32; & a stamp

I’ve been pretty lazy and I’ve also realized a lot
of things I’ve been receiving are very anonymous, or
random and unassociated with Post Crossing.

These three came from the same person, from Australia, I received these at least a month ago, but
I kept waiting for somebody to contact me asking why I hadn’t registered it.
Needless to say, I need to send this person something soon.


I know the sender didn’t get my address from Project Postcard, because they used my username from
Post Crossing. So far, I’ve messaged the person who might’ve sent me the card, no reply.
I’ve tried searching in several different ways to find out whether the person has sent me a card out of generosity or
for a specific reason. To no avail. Needless to say, unless the person who has sent me the card comes out of
hiding I can safely assume that I received a free card from Egypt. Yup, I was so excited
for getting my first African postcard! The above listed stamp is what was
attached to the envelope, the stamp was almost the size of a credit card. I was
just amazed.


This card is very simple and I love it 🙂

The sender describes this postcard to have been a photo taken of one of
his favorite islands in Taiwan. The card doesn’t say much about the island
but it’s still very nice 🙂


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