NaBloPoMo / Top 10 Tuesday

Not Top 10 Tuesday: Her Muses

I figured I’d take advantage of “Top 10 Tuesday” and talk about where the name of this blog came from. I, as the author, very much enjoy certain mythologies. I just like the name and the significance behind them. I named my cat, Bast, after an Egyptian goddess of cats. Needless to same her “royal highness” is living up to her name.

I’ve had friends name their vehicles after Shakespear characters, although I never believed in naming ones car I do believe in having a strong name to back myself up with.

Let’s start with my signature, Nym, or Mnemosyne, according to Wikipedia:

source of the word mnemonic, was the personification of memory in Greek mythology. The titaness was the daughter of Gaia and Uranus and the mother of the nine Muses by Zeus…

Isn’t that lovely, and suiting. The personification of memory. A lot of times my blog is based on what I remember. Flashbacks, story-times, personal experiences. Now, I could continue and use a different signature everytime I relate to one “my” Muses, but I’ll just say I can honorably disclose that one of my Muses thought up the subject.

Continuing on with what Wikipedia had to say:

Zeus and Mnemosyne slept together for nine consecutive nights, thus birthing the nine Muses.

Well that makes me sound rather whorish… but I’m not. Here are the names of the nine Muses that came from those nine nights:

  • Calliope (Epic Poetry)
  • Clio (History)
  • Erato (Love Poetry)
  • Euterpe (Music)
  • Melpomene (Tragedy)
  • Polyhymnia (Hymns)
  • Terpsichore (Dance)
  • Thalia (Comedy)
  • Urania (Astronomy)

Beautiful aren’t they?

But that’s the ten! Mnemosyne included, gotta love the way things work out.


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