Project Postcard

Received #33-35; confusion

Interesting, I’m not too sure what happened here. I’ve never really used my new laptop to make a new and upload photos to a post. Well anyway for the mean time from top to bottom:


Hong Kong – Postcard I believe that this one was a probono card since Post Crossing isn’t telling me anything right now.

The simple red leaf card – from Germany

“Pile of rocks” – also from Germany

I’m sorry everybody for my delays on keeping up with this blog. It’s difficult since I’m not getting very cards ever since that last huricane… now I can’t remember her name.

Right now I’m working on 2 different, same topic, travelling notebooks. I’m hoping I don’t frustrate anybody, but it’s for the best, I want them to look awesome. So, I have to head over to the DollarStore after work and pick up some scrapbooking-style paper.

[PS Guys, I’m always happy to receive a pretty card from you, just please let me know how you found out about this project]


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