NaBloPoMo / Top 10 Tuesday

Top 10 Tuesday: Unsolicited Blog Following

Hey everybody,

Here’s my top 10 list for the week. I follow a lot of blogs, some I’ll comment on frequently, some I visit primarily for the content and don’t bother competing with the readers that have been a lot longer than I.


So here’s my list in no distinguished order, just by what I remember first. Enjoy!

1. Post Secret

 Haven’t heard of them? Well, Post Secret has been a while where people have been sending their darkest, most stressful secrets to a guy named Frank. The top secrets or {I don’t know how the algorithm goes} but a lot of secrets posted have a tendency of touching more than one person. It raises a lot of awareness and makes our world seem even smaller than it already was.

2. Cake Wrecks

This website is fantastic. Another viewer-submission website with some pretty funny narratives by the author of the blog. Viewers will send in pictures of some terrible cakes created in bakeries like Safeway. Hilarious!

3. Girls with Slingshots

Oh Em Gee guys! Naw his webcomic has been around for a while but the development of not only character but the art is just fantastic! The story line is awesome and I read it {almost} every day. Definitely puts a smile on my face.

4.The Broke and the Bookish

The inspiration behind my ‘Top 10 Tuesday’s. However, they are focused primarily on books and I’m about everything else. Maybe I’ll be able to look to inspiration when I get my ideal library job and get back to focusing on my reading 😀

5. Awful Library Books

There’s just somethings that shouldn’t have left the drafting table…

6. Chasefear

I’ve talked about this blog in the past. But I really can’t get enough of Adrian and her amazingly, inspirational self. I get a lot of great facts and tidbits on running and she has amazing photos to go with.

7. 1000 Awesome Things

I met the author ’nuff said 🙂

8. Sherbert and Sparkles

New friend? Or foe? Naw, I found this lovely bit when I was doing some NaBloPoMo research. I think some her entries are just lovely.

9. Bluefish Way

Oh Ralph. What an amazing character and he’s much fun to read about 🙂

10. Stan of Few Words

What can I say about this blog? It’s amazing! If you’re into this kind of thing. I love Stan’s insight and opinions. A lot of his entries will make laugh or ponder the mysteries of the world.

Care to share?

Tell me what would be the one blog you would recommend (not your own) to somebody who is looking for something “new” to read.



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