Love Without Tragedy; but There is No Tragedy

I’m sitting on my bed, listening to a song from Rihanna’s new album Unapologetic {I didn’t pay for it, sorry Ree-Ree}

We’re like diamonds in the sky…

Recalling a conversation with a close friend of mine. It’s amazing how music and incomplete solitude will make you contemplate and become thoughtful of your life. We were discussing if negative things were to come between my guy and I {God forbid, as I am completely happy and not saying this just-in-case he winds up reading this and thinking I’m hoping for the worst}, I would probably wind up going crazy. Crazy in the sense of a teenager who finally turns the ripe age of legality and goes “crazy”

Tumblr photo

The kind of crazy where you just go wild. Go to places that you weren’t able to go to because you were constantly feeling the panging sense of loneliness or dread or desertion or guilt. I know a lot of girls might read this and be like “What’s this girl talking about? If she wanted to go out and do crazy stuff just leave the guy at home!” I reinterate with “I’m not like that.” I’ve always believed that a good girlfriend/wife is respectful of the man and should just keep her desires to become a “She Wolf” at bay.

Oh Shakira, you make “caged up” look so good

I quit drinking. I never smoked. So those things I’m not worried about indulging in. However, I think my friend wants to see what kind of drunk I’d be… I don’t care. I’ve never been drunk. I’m German, we’re notorious for holding our drink. {We’re still known for this, right?} I’m so out of the loop.

We kind of made a slight decision that if this was going to happen we would take a trip. Not a 2 hour drive to the next city and shop but a trip. I suggested Europe. Go do all the stuff I didn’t get to do the last time I was there. But she groaned a little in envy at the fact that I’ve even gone but than said that she would much rather go somewhere else. I asked where “else” would be, and her reply was she’d prefer going to Africa. I love this girl!

More Tumblr pics

The funny part is when I was doing my university-stuff I was talking to one of my classmates and she said that she was on a tour group and they went to Egypt. I was in shock. And I was jealous. So I totally agreed with my friend that this would absolutely be a place we would go if something tragic happened between my guy and I.

I think the constant longing for travel is building up. Maybe one day I’ll just up and disappear into the world.

Oh Tumblr... You're addictive



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