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Man gets letter 69 years after mom mailed it

Hey nomads, I read this amazing story, while I was on the elevator today, so I did a little bit of research and found the article by The Canadian Press, it’s of a really old letter that was finally delivered to it’s recipient decades later. There’s a speck of reality, never lose hope in your package making to it’s point of destination. Enjoy 🙂

NAMAO, Alta. — A man from Namao, Alta., is trying to figure out how a letter his mother mailed to him nearly seven decades ago ended up being delivered just last week.

Jack Speers says the letter was written by his mother on Christmas Eve 1943.

It was the Second World War and Speers was stationed in St. Thomas, Ont., training to become an aircraft mechanic.

In the letter, his mother writes about the family’s Christmas plans and how she had bought a $12 fountain pen for his father but couldn’t get the .22-calibre rifle she wanted for Speers’ brother.

Last Friday, Speers was shocked when the letter was delivered to him by an RCMP officer.

A young person reportedly had the letter, and when it was found, it was turned over to police.

“How it came from there into the possession of this youth, I can’t say for sure, but it was not lost in the mail for 70 years,” said Cpl. Bryce Tarzwell with Morinville.

Speers said his mother often sent him letters, but he never received this one — and he’s not sure what happened.

“It must have gone to Ontario, but where it went from there I haven’t got a clue, and nobody else seems to know either,” Speers said.

Speers’ mother passed away 20 years ago, but because of the letter, she will have a special place not only in her son’s memory, but many others involved in getting the letter to its intended recipient.

“For it to show up at this time of year, I think for him it was kind of a neat little story, and for me as well,” said Tarzwell. “You know, it’s a really feel-good story.”

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