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Top 10 Tuesday: 2012 Time Capsule

I got this really neat idea to run with my upcoming “theme of the week”. As I follow Daily Prompt, today’s inspiration had to do with the end of another year: What would you put in your time capsule?

Here are the top 10 things, in no particular order, that I would throw in the ol’ shoebox and bury.

1. The wedding invitation that I was made bridesmaid (Dec.)

2. A photo album from my trip to Jasper with my guy and his friends and some their girlfriends (Aug.)

3. The first postcard I received once I started “Project Postcard” (Sept.)

4. A written link to the photo collection I’ve created on Facebook of motivational pictures. A lot of people have benefited from this. (Current)

5. A sample of the baby blanket I made for my boss and his newborn daughter. (Aug.)

6. A picture of spending New Year’s Eve with my parents. (Jan.)

7. A mental video of Thanksgiving with my parents. Camping and a deep-fried turkey. (Oct.)

8. A binder with every post I’ve made for my first year in participating in NaBloPoMo. (Nov.)

9. The memories I’ve spent laughing with friends and family throughout the year, through the tough, worst and best times. I couldn’t have asked for a better ground of  people to grow old with.

10. The weight I’ve lost, even if I’m still struggling, I can definitely say that my shoe box can definitely be filled with all the fat that I’ve lost. Cause I know I will never dig that up.

11. A video of Obama getting reelected 🙂

What would you put in your 2012 time capsule?



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