Sabbath Saturday

Christianity; & a Voltaire quote

tumblr_lnmat2p6dW1qjnw0co1_500There’s a lot of misconceptions behind the idea of Christianity. And I think, my fellow followers, that for one day out of the week for me to post something that seems spiritually targeted should not affect you. I’m a practicing Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA), if you were to ask me questions about things you “wanted” to know, I probably won’t have the answer.

I haven’t attended church in a few months, I haven’t read the bible in nearly 6 months, I admit I’m not perfect, but I was never expected or expecting perfection. I respect your choices. Your beliefs. Your ideas. But that doesn’t mean I have to support them. Like I don’t expect you to read what I post on Saturdays.



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