I’m A-Dick, I’m Addicted to You

Well, now that I’ve caught your attention with a classy lyric from Simple Plan. I felt I needed to do a little ‘AA’ admitting.



Yes, I’m addicted. I spend so much time. I’ve even started using some of the pictures I’ve found in my own blog posts. Example here, here, and here. I figured pictures are a fun addition to make my posts interesting.

I enjoy Tumblr. I reblog frequently. I’m a fitblr-focused user. I try to find healthy, motivating pictures to share with my followers. I try not to use too many pictures that reveal too much of one “size” of woman or being, as I don’t believe the only people in the world to be considered “fit” are skinny. It’s all about being healthy and happy.

There’s always something new being shared. And there’s always something interesting to read. I don’t repost pictures that talk about stuff about liking something because you love somebody, or believe in something.. Or at least I generally don’t.

If you’re also a Tumblr user please come check out my Tumblr blog: makingitfit.tumblr.com



10 thoughts on “I’m A-Dick, I’m Addicted to You

  1. Hi Nym. I am finally able to come back and answer you after writing an email and a couple of other comments to reply to. So let’s have a conversation. I have 6 hours before I go to bed. What would you like to talk about ?

      • Let’s say quiet. Which is nice as I have had a hectic few weeks. So a few days of relaxation before the Christmas and the New Year festivities are a blessing. I don’t watch the TV as much as I used to. How was your day ?

      • Very quiet. I’ve been doing a lot of research in regards to opening a business; the pros and cons. I’ve been also looking into clean eating, juicing and other healthy things. Which than gets me into thinking about doing a blog strictly on doing reviews. Or a healthy blog.
        All of which intimidates me because I read so many successful blogs of the aforementioned topics and makes me think I really couldn’t compete with what they present since they have pretty much discussed everything I could ever dream of writing about.

      • What comes to my mind is that you need a gimmick, something unique, that nobody else has or has thought of. You, as a person are unique in your own way, a one-off, with skills or talent that no-one else has. You may be similar to others but you will have your own slant on whatever subject you decide to pursue. The same with business. You will probably copy other businesses but put your character and style into it. Make it your own. Blog as well.

      • I couldn’t agree more and thank you for the little boost in confidence that has given me, I have so many ideas being thrown around in my head that it’s difficult keeping track of every potential endeavor. The business is based on books and would be linked with a blogging project. The blogging is either going to be the previously mentioned book project or to dip into my running-self.
        So many ideas, so little time to potentially take them up. Maybe one o those projects will make me the successful online person I want to be…

  2. Hi Nym. I said I would come over and comment as you look very lonely here. Let me give you a hug. I am only blogging on WP as I find that is more than enough for me to cope with. So all the other networking sites will have to do without me. I hope you do become popular so that you can enjoy blogging so much more. Another big hug. Ralph x

    • Aww thanks Ralph. It’s strange, I believe I’m completely addicted to blogging on the various levels available. I don’t write a whole lot on Tumblr, but use the photographs tell my story versus WordPress, I write and write and pray and write a little more, once I publish I can only hope that somebody says something.
      I like when people ‘like’, but I would totally love when people would send a comment.
      I would love to have conversations to develop. Whether they are arguments, agreements, negotiations, what ever the end result may be. I just like having things to say or listening to the development of man’s thoughts.

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