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Wanted: Advice on Kitty Clean-Up

a50ecd2243df11e2ad7a22000a9f3090_7See this cat, yes, that one. This is Bast. She is mine. My Heinz-57 bred cat, born under a barn almost 5 years ago. She was my gift after graduating high school and when I left for post-secondary I finally regained possession of her when I moved into an apartment in my second year. Now, I’m usually pretty good at keeping my end of the deal of feeding and cleaning up after her but she’s not doing so well on her end.

Her litter box has a small mat in front to catch the primary “leap-out-of-the-box” litter toss. She than trails what’s left between her toes across the vinyl kitchen floor. This sucks. So this is where I’ve decided to take my question to the public:

What do you use to catch the litter that kitty likes to take with him or her after doing their business?


6 thoughts on “Wanted: Advice on Kitty Clean-Up

  1. Maybe you should try a high sided plastic washing bowl. Place a tight fitting trash bag inside that goes over the rim of the bowl. Put your normal amount of kitty litter in the bottom. When you think the litter needs changing all you have to do is replace the bag.

    The high side stops most of the bits being thrown everywhere. As far as paw marks and bits on the floor that’s just a burden we all have to bear. šŸ˜¦

    • I’m okay with doing the old fashioned scoop-thing, it’s just the bits all over the place. She likes to high-tail it out of the box as soon as she’s done.
      So annoying.

      • My little boy cat Sonic, when he has finished runs around the apartment then comes up to me and mieows until I say “Good boy” then he’s happy and goes off and curls up somewhere. But the mess we have to clean up šŸ˜¦

      • That sounds terrible. Well, Bast doesn’t do that. But I’m wondering if my cat has developed a certain angst if I wait too long to clean her box. Because the other night I found a couple of dollops of feces on the floor in front of my bedroom door.
        Fortunately, Bast sticks to the kitchen, she takes the long way around the apartment to shake off the loose gravel.

      • Still, we love our cats and they are so affectionate when they want to be and as it is getting colder at night they like my warmth in bed. Sonic in with me and Samantha on top of my legs so I can’t move at all during the night unless I tell them and they move with me. What fun !!

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