Where Did this Come From?

Yes, House, I did.

So this morning I thought I woke myself with the panting and sheer pain of what images my mind was conjuring. I clearly didn’t wind up doing the panting, I thought I had woken up my guy with the sounds of potential sobbing. None of that either. But here’s what I remember, which are only the vivid details of the end of the dream.

We receive some weird snail like crustacean with a strange defense mechanism {if there really is a bug/crustacean out there, let me know, bonus points ;)} It’s defense was these little stingers on it’s head that it could erect from it’s body when afraid. We managed to weaken one, but I managed to get stung, it left 6-9 tattoo style dots on my finger. It felt weird but nothing drastic. Somebody says it’s deadly, I was waiting for doom to sink in. Nothing happened. Something happened in the background causing me to leave the room and the deadly bug. Later, there was a thought about my cat being in the same room as these things. I panicked and ran into the room – for some unknown reason I managed to have been in the room (without being present) and saw the cat checking out this “thing”- I see the cat get stung and it weakens her. I’m freaking out, I try to suck the venom out of the wounded area, her ear, yes, I tried to suck it out. The tragic part is as I’m sucking somebody stops me and I realize I’ve sucked the life out of my cat, leaving nothing but the image of her head in several paper-thin layers, like, thin pages from the Bible. Translucent that they fluttered and eventually all the pages turned to ash.

If you like to interpret dreams, please feel free to analyse. Let me know what you think. I thought this was quite a scary thought.



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