I Know My Anger is Unwarranted…

My friend was seeing this guy for a few months. He started out as a shy individual, had trouble making the first move, and her being a little clueless about how relationships work she’s been asking for advice from 3 people (I supposed) she would consider her closest of friends. I’m one of them, but maybe I might not be considered much but a person who has been in a relationship. She started as a “pure” girl and she felt like the entire relationship was going somewhere positive.

She thought of how they could work the relationship out while she’s back in school, since he lives in a small town outside of the city. She would absolutely have been considered as infatuated. Not “in love”, but she felt she had strong feelings for him. She made all the right moves, and when she was ready to make “the move” to appeal to his carnal-side, I was there a week before helping her decide on how to plan a lovely evening.

This was a little over a week ago. My friend is no longer “pure”; slightly obsessed with the physical advantage a relationship brings with it, but she has been weighing the pros and cons of this relationship and has been realizing that this guy isn’t worth the time and effort that she’s been giving. He’s cancelled dates less than 45 minutes before the actual date, he lives almost an hour out of town. It’s December. In Alberta, Canada. He would’ve taken longer to meet her wherever they’re going. He’s being unapologetic about all these things. The only time he seems available is when he can “get it in”.

I don’t know how many hints she needed! I love her, really I appreciate our relationship, and maybe I look at her and wonder if I was like her what my life would be like.

Needless to say our text-conversation was making me more and more frustrated, and I couldn’t tell if it was her, myself, everything, hormones, I don’t know! But something was pissin’ me off.

Maybe it was because she didn’t want to confront him because of a planned girls night. The girls night might’ve been what upset me. I’m a girl. I’m a friend of hers, right? Maybe I’m not the party-type that she wants going out with her. I don’t know, I won’t argue, I won’t even be passive and thank her for inviting me but unable to attend due to the fact that

I wasn’t invited! Another thing she was just  procrastinating. I told her to just cut the loose ends that she seems to have on her coat-tails before gallivanting through the city and flirting with the boys of general society. But she doesn’t believe there’s still strings. I eventually just left things alone and said have fun tonight, take lots of pictures and “accidentally” send one to him and let him figure out what’s going on. I generally don’t support this, but if she couldn’t care less about anything else, why not just hurt him the right way.

I know most people might not agree with the way I thought about this relationship, but if you saw my relationship, you would understand. I believe in making things work. Even after the awkwardness, and the arguing, and the indecision, I believe in being there no matter what. At this point the only way my guy would be able to successfully break-up with me is to pack all his stuff, leave the apartment, change his number and leave his keys at the door.



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