Top 10 Tuesday

Top 10 Tuesday: What to do While Everybody Else is Celebrating

In honor of the holiday season, which I do not celebrate, I’ve decided to whip up a quick list of what to do if you aren’t celebrating but everybody else around is.

1. Watch lots of movies until you’ve gone brain dead and realize it’s the 26th.

2. Upload and add new music to your MP3 player.

3. Winter “Spring Cleaning”.

4. Post hateful, or anti-Christmas comments on Facebook, Google+, Myspace, Tumblr, etc..

5. Harass your friends who do celebrate with texts to hangout.

6. Sleep through the day.

7. Build a puzzle.

8. Challenge yourself to write a post for every hour of the 25th about your day in-depth.

9. Read a book.

10. Play video games.

Enjoy the list and feel free to add on 🙂



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