Fitness Finesse

“Like” for Miles

Hey everybody, I found this challenge posted by a friend of mine on Facebook and have decided to challenge myself. As 2013 is only hours away for me, I’ve decided to cross-post this picture on practically every social media outlet I’m affiliated with: Twitter (TaintedVampyre), Tumblr (makingitfit), Facebook, Google+ and WordPress, in hopes that I can get as many excused miles in by the end of 2013.


1 mile = 1.6 kms that being said I’m hoping that with this I’ll get at least 20 “likes” and therefore resulting in me running 32 kilometers in 2013. Which for is actually quite easily obtainable, but I want to push myself. So help me! Feel free to use this for your own motivation 🙂

Thanks guys 🙂



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