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Green Juice

Hey guys, so today I decided to use the large amount of time I had this morning to make a different kind of breakfast, and if time permits I’ll be doing this far more often. Green Juice, some people might make it a smoothie (which I have) and that’s simply by leaving the pulp. But here’s what I did and read closely as I’ll be throwing in a question for all you health buffs šŸ™‚


Handfuls of:

Kale, Spinach, Romaine

A few sprigs of fresh parsley

A cup of green grapes

A few cranberries



Nylon paint strainer

A drinking cup


Alright so wash everything, Add about 1/2-1 C of water and than throw the salads in first, blend until mostly crunched, then add the remaining ingredients. Once done, use the paint strainer over the cup and pour the liquid green in. Once you have emptied the blender start slowly pushing the contents from the blender into the cup, or strain it. I found it easier to actually push the juice back into the blender rather than the cup. In the end you’ll have amazing juice and very little pulp which from what I’m ever heard you can use in other forms of cooking/baking. Or you can compost it! I wish I could šŸ˜¦

Alright enjoy. I wound up putting in 1 Tbsp. of chia seeds and another of hemp hearts. For some protein and Omegas..

Now here’s the pop quiz!

A lot of people, that I’ve read about, have included a form of protein powder in their drink. Is this necessary? Also, mum was telling me when my aunt juices she uses a specialĀ dietitianĀ approvedĀ slow acting protein powder now I’m not looking for something special where I have to go to aĀ dietitianĀ to get something, but I mean hitting up a place like GNC or Popeye’s, would you have any recommendations for a protein powder that fits into the descriptor?

Thanks everybody šŸ™‚



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