Fitness Finesse / Mental Mondays

Mental Monday!

Motivational Monday!


Good morning everybody,

I’ve been awake since 4:45 a.m. and I’m feeling pretty good right now.

A couple of things I’ve realized ‘Her Muses’ is slowly transistioning into, and I’m sorry if I wind up losing you in the process, but I promise I’ll still try to post about other random bullish that I can think of.

Transition #1:

I’m liking my “fitness craze” right now. I renewed my gym membership last week. I’ve hit the gym a few times; today was an arm workout with a hint of elliptical and cross-trainer. I’m not going to bore you with before and after pics, or food journals, or be really bad and start posting a daily motivational picture. If you want the last part, I’d highly recommend you go visit The Better Man Project.

Transition #2:

I like to write essays, apparently. The short and sweet prose just doesn’t always seem to cut it for me.

Transition #3:

Articles are interesting. I hope you enjoy the ones I find and feel they need to be shared with the rest of you 🙂


Anyway, you get the picture. I enjoy blogging. I’m still learning how to balance real life, 2-blogs life and living.


If you’re ever interested in doing a post for ‘Her Muses’, let me know!


Here’s my sign off (for now) But I hope to see you back here soon!



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